At the ODN we value the parents and their views. The nursery has ‘stay and play’ sessions and parent socials where parents are invited to come in to the nursery and share their knowledge whilst sampling a bite to eat cooked by our in-house chef. We celebrate all nations of the parents that we meet to make them aware that we want to work closely with them and their families.

The nursery works in partnership with all professionals, so we know where to go for support for a child. We reflect on our practice and are always seeking to improve what we do and how we do it.

The nursery staff are warm and welcoming to all parents and from the onset build up close bonds with not only the children in their care but the parents and sometimes the extended family who may be the person who drops off/collects the child.

On arrival at the nursery the practitioners greet the parents with a smile as they receive the children. All parents are treated equally regardless.