Wow! What a fun week’s  we have had!!!


We celebrated Diwali -Hindu Festival of Lights.

The children came in to the Nursery talking about the noises they’ve been hearing all weekend.

Some of them talked about the wonderful sparkly colours they had seen high up in the sky!

We decided to make our own firework pictures at the art table and children  enjoyed a variety of activities .


Diwali is celebrated as a five-day New Year festival; it symbolises the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and new beginnings.



The children were encouraged to make their individual sensory bottles using stencils, glitter, water and bottles. They freely chose the artistic materials they want to use in their bottles with guidance from a practitioner. They concentrated and listened carefully as they showed great interest in the activity.


Children in preschool have been using technology to make memory moments of their own.




Preschool was very busy on their winter activities as well as getting there Christmas decorations ready !

They have been creating holy reefs and many many more decorations which will make our place to look even more festive  🙂



Watch this space for more updates on our weekly exiting Christmas activities and many more ……